About Us


PT. GLOBAL NETWORK INSPECTION was established on November 8,2007 and duly licensed by the Indonesian Government to fulfill the requirements of presence of an Independent Inspection Services Company with a worldwide network and reputation.


The main activities of the Company are Marine Surveying & Consultancy, Petroleum and Cargo Inspection Services, Laboratory Testing, Quality Assurance, Engineering Consulting Services and Other Specialized Services.


PT. GLOBAL NETWORK INSPECTION is managed by a professional team who have wide experience in work related to International Shipping Agencies, Ship Owning & Ship Operating Companies, Marine Hull & Cargo Insurance Claims as well as Marine Surveying, Marine Consultancy & Cargo Inspection Services etc.

We employs experienced Surveyors who have had many years of experience at sea as Master Mariners, Marine Deck Officers or Engineers.

They have served on vessels of well-known International, and Indonesian, Shipping Companies as well as having several years of experience in the Surveying/Inspection field such as Marine Hull/Cargo and Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Vegetable Oil, Gas etches.

The company has well experienced surveyors to do business with duty promptly, trustworthily, reliably and accurately to meet our customer’s satisfaction as our aim. And also strongly committed to total quality management as well as investing in training and development at all levels.

Our Services

1. Crude Oil, Petroleum Product, Gas & Chemical
  1. Sampling
  2. Quality Inspection of Goods (Inspection and Verification of Quality after sample through a laboratory test and analysis).
  3. Measuring and Weighing.
  4. Supervision of Loading, Discharging and Transhipment.
  5. Inspection of Various Liquids and Measuring.
  6. Condition of Goods (Cause and Extent of Damage to Cargo).
  7. Delivery Survey (Survey at Time of Delivery takes place).
  8. Supervision of Stock and Condition of Storage/ Warehouse.
2. Marine & Insurance Surveys
  1. Supervision of Shipbuilding. (Supervision of Ship’s Condition during Construction)
  2. Pre-Purchase Survey of Second-hand Ships.
  3. On Hire/Off Hire Survey (Inspection of Ships Prior and After Charter).
  4. Cleaning of Cargo Tank Survey.
  5. Draft Survey, including sounding of Tanks and Calculation of Light and Loaded Displacement.
  6. Hull & Engine Damage Survey.
  7. Supervision of Repair, Dry Dock Survey.
  8. Visual Examination of Cargo Holds, Fittings, Winches, Lifting Gears, Valves, Pumps etc.
  9. Inspection of Refrigerated Cargo Compartment.
  10. Gas-free Survey.
  11. Towing & Lashing Survey.
  12. Pre Shipment Inspection

3. General & Bulk Cargo
  1. Sampling.
  2. Quality Inspection of Goods (Inspection and Verification of quality after sample through a laboratory test and analysis).
  3. Measuring, weighing, tallying.
  4. Supervision of Loading, Discharging & Transhipment.
  5. Quality inspection of Grading & Packaging (Verifying quality and Packaging whether in compliance with the specified standard in contract).
  6. Stowage Survey (Surveying loading of goods in the hold of a ship or at the wharf).
  7. Hatch Survey/Opening of Hatches
  8. Inspection of Various Liquids, Measuring and Inspection of Barges.
  9. Condition of goods/Cause and Extent of Damage to Cargo.
  10. Delivery Survey (Survey at Time of Delivery takes place).
  11. Cotton Inspection (Cotton Quality Controller, Weaving Yarn by Visual Exam, Weighing and Sampling).
  12. Supervision of Stock and Condition of Warehouse.
  13. Freight Container Inspection.
    1. ( a ) Survey of the freight container itself.
  14. On Hire/Off Hire Inspection of Freight Containers.
  15. Cargo worthiness Inspection of Freight Containers.
  16. Lashing on Deck Inspection of Freight Containers.
  17. Damage & Repair Completion of Freight Containers.
    1. ( b ) Survey of Containerised Cargo
  18. Loading Inspection (Tallying goods to be stuffed into the container).
  19. Unloading Inspection (Inspection of goods after un stuffing from container).
  20. Inspection of Dangerous containerised cargo.
  21. Damage survey of containerised Cargo.
4. Technical Inspection
  1. Manufacturing control.
  2. Function test.
  3. Delivery inspection.
  4. Material test.
5. P & I Insurance Survey and Quantity Survey
  1. Risk survey.
  2. Loss and damage survey to cargo.
  3. Assessment of damage, Extent of loss, and expenses.
  4. Giving an opinion and estimation of cost of repair, restoration and recovery.
  5. Petroleum Product & Chemical Oil contamination.
  6. Ship Condition Survey.
  7. Pre-Entry P&I Condition Survey.
* Quantity Survey
Estimation of cost/use of material and supervision of engineering.
6. S.O.P
We attached the company standard operating procedur to do the survey.
You can download the files :
  • Loading Inspection of Bulk Liquid Cargoes ( Download & see Pdf)
  • Discharge Inspection of Bulk Liquid Cargoes ( Download & see Pdf)